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One of the world's leading medical consumables manufacturer of liquid treatment product line
LTS pipette tip is designed for use with LTS pipettes.
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LTS Pipette Tips
5ml/10ml Tips used for accurate liquid handling.
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5ml/10ml Tips
Robitic Pipette Tips are made of high-quality plastics or resins.
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Robitic Pipette Tips
We supply culture flask with ergonomically designed.
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Cell Culture
PakGent pipette tips are made from 100% virgin polypropylene.
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Centrifuge Tube
These are plastic tubes with an airtight lid.
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Screw Cap Tubes
PakGent packaging Bottles are ideal for specialty chemicals.
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Plastic Lab Bottles
Examples include pipettes, centrifuges, and thermometers.
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Instrument & Equipment
PakGent - Global Medical Consumables Brand

We have successully registered PakGent@ in more than 40 countries as medical consumables company, and PakGent's product lines have been successfully export-ed to more than 40 countries, including Europe / United States / Canada, the Middle East and Asia Pacifc medical supplies consumables markets.

  • 40+
    Exporting Country
  • 100,000
    Certified Clean Room
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PakGent - Global Medical Consumables Brand

PakGent® is an internationally leading high-tech enterprise with a total area of 50000 square meters and ISO 10000 and 100000 grade clean rooms. The company is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of laboratory consumables, mainly including molecular biology consumables, cell culture consumables, microbial consumables, etc. As global labratory supplies consumables brand, we successfully had PakGent® registered for over 40 countries, product lines under PakGent®have been successfully exported to over 40 countries including Europe/USA/Canada, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets. As a global company, we have multiple storage centers in the United States, and we plan to establish independent storage centers around the world to improve product delivery timeliness and save costs

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Cell Culture Medical Consumables
Cell Culture Medical Consumables
PakGent's cell culture consumables portfolio includes cell culture dishes, plates, flasks, and tubes, along with pipettes, serological pipettes, and other related accessories. These products are designed to optimize cell growth, viability, and productivity, and to provide reliable and reproducible results.
Molecular Biology Class of Medical Consumables
Molecular Biology Class of Medical Consumables
PakGent's PCR consumables portfolio includes PCR tubes, plates, and strips, along with caps, optically clear sealing films, and other related accessories. These products are designed to deliver maximum PCR efficiency, accuracy, and sensitivity, and to provide reliable and reproducible results.
Medical Consumables Used in Microbiology
Medical Consumables Used in Microbiology
PakGent's microbiology consumables portfolio includes products such as sterilization pouches, bacterial culture plates, loops, swabs, and inoculating needles, along with other related accessories. These products are designed to optimize microbial growth, isolation, and identification, and to provide reliable and reproducible results.
Sample Preservation Class of Medical Consumables
Sample Preservation Class of Medical Consumables
Biological preservation is a critical step in the collection, processing, and storage of biological specimens, such as blood, urine, and tissue samples. PakGent offers a range of biological preservation consumables, including sample tubes, vials, and transport media, to ensure that collected samples remain viable and intact during transport and storage.
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