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PakGent PCR Sealing Film

PCR sealing film is a kind of plastic film. It is used for sealing and packaging purposes. It works by providing an airtight and water-resistant environment that helps protect products from contamination and spoilage. PCR sealing film is suitable for a wide range of applications, including food and beverage products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and others that require a clean and safe environment. It is environmentally friendly and provides a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reduce their packaging costs.

Parameter of PCR Plate Sealing Film

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
PCRF-CPPCR sealing film (works for all kinds of plates), clear, individual pack100pcs/unit15*9*3cm0.00040.02

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Advantages of Adhesive PCR Plate Sealing Film

PakGent Adhesive PCR Plate Sealing Film offers a range of advantages, making it a preferred choice for laboratories and research facilities conducting polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments. This innovative qPCR sealing film is designed to provide a secure and reliable barrier for PCR plates, ensuring the protection and integrity of precious samples.

One of the primary advantages of PakGent Adhesive PCR Plate Sealing Film is its strong adhesive properties, which effectively seal PCR plates, preventing evaporation and contamination. This robust sealing capability is essential for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of PCR results, especially during thermal cycling and storage.

Furthermore, the transparency and optical clarity of the PCR sealing film allow for easy visualization of PCR wells, facilitating sample identification and monitoring without the need for removal. This feature streamlines the PCR workflow and minimizes the risk of sample cross-contamination.

In addition, PakGent Adhesive PCR Plate Sealing Film is compatible with a wide range of PCR plates and thermal cyclers, offering universal applicability across different laboratory setups. Its easy-to-use, peelable design ensures convenience during application and removal, saving time and reducing the likelihood of experimental errors.

The advantages of PakGent Adhesive PCR Plate Sealing Film, including strong adhesion, transparency, and compatibility, make it an invaluable asset for PCR experiments, contributing to the accuracy, reproducibility, and efficiency of molecular biology research.

PCR Sealing Film FAQs

What temperature should be used when sealing PCR Sealing Film?

The sealing temperature should generally be set to just above the glass transition temperature of the PCR Sealing Film. This will ensure that a secure seal is formed between the PCR plate and the film.

Is it necessary to activate the PCR Sealing Film prior to use?

Activation of the PCR Sealing Film is not necessary as it is already pre-activated. It is ready to use straight away.

Is PCR Sealing Film resistant to chemicals?

Yes, PCR Sealing Film is resistant to many different types of chemicals, such as detergents, acids and bases.

Does PCR Sealing Film affect the accuracy of results?

No, PCR Sealing Film does not affect the accuracy of results. It helps to secure the PCR plate and protect the sample from contamination.

Is PCR Sealing Film safe to use?

Yes, PCR Sealing Film is safe to use as it is made from food-grade, non-toxic materials.

Product Certification

medical devices quality management systems certificate
cmc medical devices drugs sino cmc ce
production and sale of plastic consumables for in vitro diagnostic use posi certificate
production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use posi certificate
quality management system certification for production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use
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