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PakGent CL-F225P T225 Cell Culture Flask

PS, 225cm², TC treated. The PakGent CL-F225P T225 Cell Culture Flask is a high-quality, sterile, and disposable labware designed for large-scale cell culture applications. With a generous growth area of 225 cm², PakGent T225 cell culture flask accommodates increased cell yields and facilitates optimal cell adhesion and growth. Its canted neck design offers easy access to the flask's entire surface, enhancing convenience during cell culture processes. Equipped with a secure, leak-resistant cap and constructed from premium polystyrene material, this PakGent T225 cell culture flask ensures reliable and contamination-free cell culture environments, making it an essential tool for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and research laboratories seeking efficient and scalable cell culture solutions.

Parameter of PakGent T225 cell culture flasks

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
CL-F225PCell Culture Flask with Plug Cap, PS, 225cm2, TC treated5pcs/pack, 5packs/case78*33*28cm0.07215.9

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PakGent T225 cell culture flasks Features

Design Appearance: The PakGent T225 cell culture flasks with plug caps typically have a rectangular or square shape with rounded corners. 

Capacity: The "T225" designation refers to the approximate flask working volume t225, which is 225 ml. 

Material: The PakGent T225 cell culture flasks are commonly made from high-quality and optically clear polystyrene plastic. 

Stackability: Many PakGent T225 cell culture flasks feature a design that allows them to be stacked on top of one another. 

Sterility: T225 working volume flasks are available in sterile, single-use formats. 

T225 Flask Cell Culture Application

Cell Culture Expansion: The T225 flasks are primarily used for the expansion of adherent cells in culture. T225 flask working volume of growth surface area allows cells to spread out and grow in a monolayer.

Suspension Cell Culture: While the T225 flask is commonly used for adherent cell culture, it can also be used for suspension cell culture, albeit with modifications. 

Gas Exchange: The T225 flasks feature a vented cap or filter cap, which allows for gas exchange while preventing contamination.

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What is the PakGent t225 cell culture flask volume

The PakGent T225 cell culture flask has a volume of 225 cubic centimeters (225 cm³) or 225 milliliters (225 mL). This generous volume is designed to provide ample space for cell growth and culture, accommodating a wide range of cell types and experimental conditions.

How much media is in a PakGent T225 cell culture flask?

A PakGent T225 cell culture flask typically contains 225 cubic centimeters (cm³) or milliliters (mL) of growth medium when filled to the recommended working volume. The T225 flask is specifically designed to accommodate this volume, providing a spacious environment for cell cultivation. The media volume required for optimal cell culture in a T225 flask may vary based on the specific cell type, growth conditions, and experimental protocols. It is important to ensure that the appropriate amount of growth medium is added to the flask to support the growth, proliferation, and viability of the cultured cells. Adhering to the recommended media volume guidelines helps to maintain optimal nutrient availability, pH balance, and osmotic conditions within the flask, contributing to successful cell culture outcomes and experimental reproducibility.