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PakGent Microcentrifuge Tube for PCR

Microcentrifuge tubes are tiny tubes made of plastic, glass, or metal, which are used in laboratory centrifugation to separate substances of different densities. They are made with a conical base, a flat cap, and a frosted label area. The conical shape helps to minimize the risk of sample loss due to adhesion to the walls of the tube, while the flat cap helps to prevent sample loss due to excessive movement. The frosted label area allows for easy identification and labeling of samples. They are designed to withstand high speed centrifugation and are an essential tool for many laboratory procedures.

Parameter of Sterile MicroCentrifuge Tubes

Part No.





GW/Case (kg)


5.0ml microcentrifuge tubes, clear, graduated, self-standing

200pcs/bag, 10bags/case





5.0ml microcentrifuge tubes, clear, graduated, bulk pack, 25000g

200pcs/bag, 10bags/case





2.0ml microcentrifuge tubes, clear, graduated, bulk pack, 25000g

500pcs/bag, 10bags/case





1.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, clear, graduated, bulk pack, 25000g

500pcs/bag, 10bags/case





0.5 ml microcentrifuge tube, clear, graduated, bulk pack, 25000g

1000pcs/bag, 10bags/case




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Small Centrifuge Tubes FAQs

What are microfuge tube uses?

Microfuge tubes are commonly used to separate components of a sample by spinning the tube at high speeds, allowing for the sample to be divided based on its density and size.

How should small centrifuge tubes be stored?

Mini centrifuge tubes should be stored in their original packaging, away from light and humidity.

How should Mini centrifuge tubes be closed?

Small centrifuge tubes can be closed with a variety of methods, including screw caps, snap caps, rubber-lined caps, and even heat-sealing.

Are small centrifuge tubes reusable?

Yes, Mini centrifuge tubes are reusable, as long as they are properly cleaned and stored.

Are Mini centrifuge tubes safe to use?

Yes, small centrifuge tubes are generally safe to use, as long as they are handled and stored properly.

Are small centrifuge tubes stackable?

Yes, Mini centrifuge tubes can be stacked on top of each other in a rack for easy storage.

Features and Benefits of Micro Centrifuge Tubes

Micro centrifuge tubes, also known as microtubes or PCR tubes, are essential tools in laboratory experiments and clinical trials. These durable small centrifuge tubes, made of high-quality plastic, can withstand high centrifugal forces, ensuring the reliability of experiments. With secure sealing and a small volume capacity, microcentrifuge tubes for PCR prevent leakage and minimize sample wastage. Clear graduated markings enable precise volume measurements, while autoclavability ensures sterility. These versatile tubes can be used for storage, transportation, and mixing of samples. Additionally, their compatibility with thermal cycling makes them ideal for PCR experiments. Affordable and cost-effective, micro centrifuge tubes are indispensable in molecular biology and biochemistry research.

Microfuge Tube Uses in Laboratory Research and Industry

Micro centrifuge tubes, including mini centrifuge PCR tubes, have diverse applications in research and industry. They are commonly used for sample preparation, PCR experiments, storage, and transportation of biological samples. These mini centrifuge PCR tubes are also utilized for mixing and homogenization, as well as in cell and tissue culture. Additionally, micro centrifuge tubes, such as microcentrifuge tubes for PCR, play a crucial role in centrifugation, enabling the separation of components based on their size and density. With their compact size, durability, and compatibility with various laboratory techniques, micro centrifuge tubes, including mini centrifuge PCR tubes and microcentrifuge tubes for PCR, are indispensable tools in scientific and industrial endeavors.

PakGent Microfuge tube functions

PakGent Microfuge tubes serve as indispensable tools for a wide array of laboratory applications, offering exceptional performance and versatility. Specifically designed for applications that demand sample integrity and precision, these mini centrifuge tubes are ideal for incubation, storage of radioactive molecules, and DNA/protein research. The high-quality materials and construction ensure the safe containment of samples, safeguarding their integrity during various experimental procedures. With precise sealing properties, PakGent Microfuge tubes effectively prevent sample leakage and contamination, maintaining the purity of the samples. These mini centrifuge tubes are also engineered to withstand a range of temperatures, making them suitable for applications requiring controlled incubation environments. Additionally, their compatibility with diverse laboratory equipment and protocols enhances their suitability for a myriad of research and diagnostic procedures. PakGent's Microfuge tubes are designed to meet the stringent requirements of modern laboratory practices, making them the preferred choice for scientists and researchers seeking dependable and performance-driven labware solutions that can consistently deliver accurate and reliable results.

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