PakGent Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Q: Are the new PakGent® racks autoclavable?

Yes, the transparency/stability of the new PakGent® racks after Multiple cycles is still excellent – and the rack can withstand many more cycles. Please note That the racks should be autoclaved with closed hinge to avoid contamination.

Q: Are the new PakGent® filter tips autoclavable?

No, the filter tips are only available sterile and we don't recommend autoclaving the filter tips.

Q: How are the new PakGent® tips sterilized and what is the sterilization level?

The tips are sterilised with electron–beam ( e-beam) irradiation and have a SAL(sterility assurance level) of 10-6.

Q: How is the traceability of the new PakGent® tips ensured?

The tip volume, tip description, article number and batch number are printed on the rack insert for perfect traceability of the tips. The bulk ware tips have the above mentioned information printed on the bag lable.

Q: What does the filter of your tips make from?

It is made from pure virgin polyethylenen.

Q: Is there a special technique when PakGent® manufactures the low retention products?

This can be a good subject to talk, to simply answer your questions, yes, you could say that, actually a good result of low retention performance is 50% contributed by our unique mold design and manufacturing process, and 50% contributed by the raw material additives, a combination of fine multiple processes and right material makes the good performance. And we have our R&D team over decades of years' experience on this to guarantee the output.

Q: Which pipette can be used in combination with the PakGent® tips?

The  PakGent® are compatible with the most pipettes working with standard pipette tips(e.g. Eppendorf, Gilson, Thermo, Raininetc) for details see our Compatibility list of tips.

Q: Why your tips have different color?

Our tips have clear, yellow, blue color. The yellow color is 200ul without filter. The blue color tips are 1000ul, no low retention. All the low retention type is clear.