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PakGent STSS-512IN 2ml Cryogenic Tubes

Internal thread type, with writing area, self-standing bottom, sterile.

Parameter of STSS-512IN

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
STSS-512IN2ml, internal thread type, with writing area, self-standing bottom, sterile50sets/bag, 20bags/case32*32*22cm0.02262.93

Cryogenic Tubes 2ml Features

Cryogenic tubes 2ml are specifically designed to withstand extremely low temperatures and safely store samples in cryogenic environments. Cryogenic 2ml screw tubes for sale are made from robust materials. The primary characteristic of internal thread type 2 ml cryogenic tubes is their ability to withstand extremely low temperatures, typically down to -196°C (-321°F). 

2ml Cryogenic Tubes Vials Benefits

The 2ml cryogenic vials provide convenience in sample storage and retrieval due to their compact size and compatibility with commonly used cryogenic storage systems. These cryogenic internal thread type vials 2ml ensure cleanliness and sample integrity with secure sealing mechanisms and materials resistant to extreme temperatures and chemicals. Overall, 2 ml cryogenic tubes offer reliable and efficient cryogenic sample preservation, facilitating research, clinical, and biobanking applications.