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PakGent 1200ul Fit LTS Tips

The 1200ul Fit LTS Tips are made for handling liquids precisely. They have a low-retention surface to avoid sample loss and a long, flexible tip for access to confined spaces. The tips are constructed of premium plastic and may be easily reused by autoclaving them. For usage with hand pipettes, they are created.

Parameter of 1200ul Fit LTS Tips

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
RT1200R1200ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile96pcs/rack, 50racks/case62*48*27cm0.080412.2
RT1200R-L1200ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, low retention96pcs/rack, 50racks/case62*48*27cm0.080412.2
RT1200RF1200ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, with filter, sterile96pcs/rack, 50racks/case62*48*27cm0.080412.7
RT1200RF-L1200ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, with filter, low retention96pcs/rack, 50racks/case62*48*27cm0.080412.7
RT1200B1200ul Rainin LTS tip, Bulk pack1, 000pcs/bag, 10 bag/case61*49*33cm0.098712.5
RT1200B-L1200ul Rainin LTS tip, Bulk pack, low retention1, 000pcs/bag, 10 bag/case61*49*33cm0.098712.5
RT1200BF1200ul Rainin LTS tip, with filter, Bulk pack1, 000pcs/bag, 10 bag/case61*49*33cm0.098712.8
RT1200BF-L1200ul Rainin LTS tip, with filter, Bulk pack, low retention1, 000pcs/bag, 10 bag/case61*49*33cm0.098712.8

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Advantages of Using 1200ul Fit LTS tips

For handling large quantities of samples, 1200ul Fit LTS Tips provide a number of benefits.

Having a 1200ul volume capacity, they enable pipetting of huge quantities with a single tip, cutting down on time and lowering the chance of contamination. Their positive-displacement design makes sure that the samples are dispersed completely and properly, lowering the possibility of expensive mistakes and raising accuracy. The integrity of the samples or excellent findings are ensured by the tips' certification as sterile and their absence of RNase, DNase, and endotoxins.

The 1200ul Fit LTS Tips may be used with a variety of samples since they are constructed from high-quality polypropylene, which is resilient to chemicals and long-lasting.

In summary, the 1200ul Fit LTS Tips handle enormous volumes with great precision, accuracy, and outstanding repeatability, making them efficient and reliable for various laboratory applications.

Product Certification

medical devices quality management systems certificate
cmc medical devices drugs sino cmc ce
production and sale of plastic consumables for in vitro diagnostic use posi certificate
production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use posi certificate
quality management system certification for production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use
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