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PakGent 96-Well Half Skirt, Fit Biorad/Roche PCR Plates

96-Well Half Skirt, Fit Biorad/Roche PCR Plates is a high-quality lab accessory designed to fit standard 96-well Biorad/Roche PCR plates. This skirt helps to protect the PCR plates from contamination and spills, and it is made of durable polypropylene material for long-term use. This skirt is easy to install, and it provides a secure fit for plates with its snug fit design.

Parameter of 96-Well Half Skirt, Fit Biorad/Roche PCR Plates

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
PCRP-10HSR0.1ml 96-well Half skirt, fit Biorad/Roche, qPCR plates, clear10pcs/box, 10box/case47*29*14cm0.01912.63
PCRP-10HSR-W0.1ml 96-well Half skirt, fit Biorad/Roche, qPCR plates, white10pcs/box, 10box/case47*29*14cm0.01912.63

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Biorad pcr plates Compatibility

Bio-Rad PCR plates are widely used in molecular biology research due to their high quality, reliability, and compatibility with a wide range of thermal cyclers. They are available in a variety of formats, including microplates, strips, and tubes, to suit different experimental needs.


Bio-Rad PCR plates are designed to be compatible with most major thermal cyclers, including:

Bio-Rad CFX Real-Time PCR Systems

Bio-Rad T100 Thermal Cycler

Bio-Rad S1000 Thermal Cycler

Applied Biosystems StepOnePlus Real-Time PCR System

Roche LightCycler Real-Time PCR System

Thermo Fisher Scientific iQ5 Real-Time PCR System

To ensure compatibility, it is always recommended to check the specifications of your thermal cycler and the Bio-Rad PCR plates you are considering using.

Considerations for Choosing Bio-Rad PCR Plates

When choosing Bio-Rad PCR plates, it is important to consider the following factors:

Type of experiment: Different types of PCR experiments may have specific requirements for the plates. For example, real-time PCR (qPCR) experiments may require white reaction wells for better fluorescence detection, while standard PCR may use clear wells.

Volume requirements: Choose plates with the appropriate well volume capacity for your reaction needs. Bio-Rad PCR plates are available in a variety of well volumes, ranging from 96-well plates with 20 µL wells to 384-well plates with 5 µL wells.

Skirted or non-skirted: Skirted plates have a raised skirt around the wells that makes them easier to handle and stack, especially when working with automation systems. Non-skirted plates are generally more affordable but may be more difficult to handle manually.

Material: Bio-Rad PCR plates are typically made from polypropylene (PP) or polycarbonate (PC). PP is the most common material for PCR plates due to its inert properties and ability to withstand the thermal cycling conditions of PCR experiments. PC offers good clarity and can be used for qPCR applications where fluorescence needs to be measured. However, PC may not be compatible with all thermal cyclers due to its lower melting temperature compared to PP.

Sterility: Consider whether you need sterile plates to prevent contamination, especially for sensitive experiments. Bio-Rad offers both sterile and non-sterile PCR plates.

How to Properly Clean and Store 96-Well Half Skirt Fit Biorad/Roche PCR Plates

1. Prepare a 10% bleach solution by mixing 1 part bleach to 9 parts water.

2. Place the 96-well half skirt fit Biorad/Roche PCR plates into the bleach solution and let them soak for 15 minutes.

3. After 15 minutes, remove the plates from the bleach solution and rinse them thoroughly with water.

4. Place the plates on a clean, non-porous surface and let them air dry.

5. Once the plates are completely dry, place them into a plastic bag or container for storage.

6. Make sure the plastic bag or container is airtight to prevent contamination from outside sources.

7. Label the bag or container with the date and type of plates stored to ensure proper identification.

8. Store the plates in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any other source of heat.

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