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PakGent SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette

PS, Individual Packing, sterile.

PakGent SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipettes are designed for precise and efficient liquid handling in laboratory settings. With a capacity of 50ml, these pipettes facilitate the transfer of large volumes with accuracy and ease. Featuring clear and bold volume markings, they ensure precise measurements, enhancing experimental reproducibility. PakGent Serological Pipettes are manufactured using high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability. Their ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling during prolonged use, reducing user fatigue. Whether you're performing cell culture, media preparation, or other liquid handling tasks, PakGent SPTS50 Serological Pipettes offer the performance and quality you need for your laboratory workflows.

Parameter of PakGent SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
SPTS5050ml Serological Pipette, PS, Individual Packing, sterile25pcs/bag,  8bags/case40*23*36cm0.03314.9

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Superior Features of SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette: Highlighting Individual Packing and Sterile Nature

1. Individual Packing: Each SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette is sold in individually packed units, ensuring tight isolation and protection. This packaging not only guarantees the integrity and quality of the product but also reduces the risk of contamination, providing reliable results for your experiments.

2. Sterile Nature: Our SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette undergoes rigorous sterilization, ensuring that each pipette is free from any microorganisms and contaminants. This sterile nature makes it an ideal choice for handling biological samples and performing sensitive experiments such as cell culture.

3. High Reliability and Accuracy: The design of SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, is carefully optimized to ensure precise liquid aspiration and dispensing. Its high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes provide excellent reliability and repeatability, delivering accurate results.

4. User-friendly: SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, incorporates a user-friendly design, with its appearance and handle ergonomically designed to conform to human factors. The smooth surface and easily grippable handle make it convenient to use, ensuring efficient and seamless workflow.

Applications and Uses: Exploring the Key Applications of SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette in Laboratory and Medical Settings

1. Cell Culture: The SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, is specifically designed for precise and sterile liquid handling, making it perfect for various cell culture applications. From seeding and subculturing cells to media and reagent additions, this pipette ensures accurate and contamination-free transfer, enabling successful cell culture experiments.

2. Sample Preparation: In both laboratory and medical settings, the accurate measurement and transfer of liquid samples are crucial. The SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, enables precise and controlled aspiration of samples, ensuring reproducible and reliable results. Its sterile nature makes it ideal for handling biological samples, such as serum, plasma, or other fluids, without the risk of cross-contamination.

3. Assays and Reagent Addition: From ELISA and PCR to various biochemical assays, the SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, plays a vital role in accurate reagent dispensing. The pipette's design, including the bulb, enables measured addition of reagents with a high degree of precision, allowing researchers to optimize assay conditions and achieve consistent results.

4. Solution Mixing and Dilution: The SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, facilitates efficient mixing and dilution of solutions with its accurate and controlled dispensing capabilities. Whether it's preparing buffers, diluting samples, or performing serial dilutions, this pipette ensures precise volume delivery, eliminating experimental errors.

5. Liquid Transfer in Clinical Settings: In medical and diagnostic applications, the SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette, a sterile serological pipette with bulb, serves as a reliable tool for transferring liquids, such as patient samples, diagnostic reagents, or controls. Its sterile and accurate liquid handling properties make it suitable for various clinical laboratory procedures.

What is the accuracy of the SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette?

The SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette is designed to provide high accuracy in liquid measurement. It has a typical accuracy of ±2% at full volume (50ml) and ±0.5% at a lower volume. However, it is always recommended to calibrate the pipette regularly and refer to the product specifications for precise accuracy values.

Can the SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette be autoclaved for sterilization?

Yes, the SPTS50 50ml Serological Pipette is autoclavable, allowing for convenient and effective sterilization. Follow the recommended autoclaving parameters provided in the product manual for best results.

In which experiments can SPTS50 50ml serological pipette be used?

SPTS50 50ml serological pipette is suitable for various biological laboratory applications, including but not limited to:

- Distribution of cell culture media.

- Distribution of tissue culture media.

- Preparation of reagent solutions.

- Quantitative analysis of samples.

What is SPTS50 50ml serological pipette?

SPTS50 50ml serological pipette is a pipetting tool designed for use in biological laboratories, with a capacity of 50 milliliters. It features a serological design that allows for accurate dispensing and measurement of liquids.