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Universal Pipette Tips

Universal Pipette Tips

Universal Pipette Tips for Sale

PakGent® Bioscience was founded as a manufacturer of the highest quality pipette tips in the world. For over decade years we have maintained this level, supply the worldwide market with our products in life sciences. And we have quite a variety on this product line from standard pipette tip to extra long design pipette tips, in different packs of them, bulk/rack/refill, with or without filter and low retention types.

All sterile products are irradiated electron beam radiation, which is same level as gamma irradiation but less harsh on plastics than radiation and does not leave toxic residues like gas sterilization usually does to the product.

All of our sterile pipette tips are manufactured out of the highest grade resins and are certified to be RNase, DNase, DNA, pyrogen, and ATP free. Our non-sterile tips are made from the same high quality resins and are certified RNase and DNase free as well.

Fit popular brand pipettes, such as Eppendorf, Glison, Thermo, Biohit, Brand, Rainin etc. details can be downloaded from the Compatibility List.

How to Maintain Universal Pipette Tips

How to Maintain Universal Pipette Tips

Replace Tips Frequently

Replace your pipette tips frequently to ensure accuracy and precision. Generally, tips should be replaced after every 10-20 samples.

Handle Tips Carefully

Handle your tips with care to ensure that they are not damaged or contaminated. Avoid touching the tips with your fingers, and always store them in a clean, dry environment.

Clean Tips Regularly

Clean your tips regularly to remove any traces of liquid, oil, or other contaminants. Use a soft cloth or brush to remove any particles from the tip.

Inspect Tips

Inspect your tips for any signs of damage or wear. If the tip appears to be damaged or worn, replace it immediately.

Store Tips Properly

Store your tips in a dry, clean environment away from dust, debris, and moisture. Avoid storing tips in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

What to Look for When Buying Universal Pipette Tips

When purchasing universal pipette tips, it is important to consider their quality, compatibility, and price. Quality is key, as the tips should be free from any defects and should be made from durable materials. It is also important to check compatibility with the specific pipette model, as some tips are specifically designed for certain types of pipettes. In addition, consider the price of the tips, as they can range from very cheap to very expensive. Lastly, research the manufacturer to ensure that the tips are reliable and meet safety standards.

What to Look for When Buying Universal Pipette Tips
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