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PakGent Medical Consumables OEM & ODM Service

PakGent Medical Consumables OEM & ODM Service

One-Stop Medical & laboratory Consumables OEM & ODM Service

Chief Application Scientist and Co Founder Dr. Gao (postdoctoral fellow from Harvard Medical School, PhD from Fudan University) has over 20 years of experience and resources in the industry, with mature product design and development experience.

The U.S. owned cooperative laboratory (Cornell University Laboratory) has a close cooperative relationship, with the most up-to-date product information and new product testing conditions.

One-Stop Medical & laboratory Consumables OEM & ODM Service

OEM/ODM Medical Consumables Procedures

Team Visit+ Preliminary Plan

Communicate on-site according to customer requirements and provide a preliminary plan within 48 hours.

Get Quote

Communicate in detail based on the preliminary plan and provide a quotation based on customer needs.

Design and Drawing

Through detailed communication, draw feasible plans, and continuously adjust them to meet customer needs until they are satisfied.

Mold Implementation

Mold processing will be carried out on a customer satisfactory solution.

Solution Implementation

Sample realization and testing, communication and determination.

Batch Production

Automatic production line production, sampling inspection by quality inspection department, strict implementation of quality standards.


Product handover to customers.

After-sale Service

One-to-one product technical support and customer after-sales service.