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Cell culture dish is a type of laboratory dish used for cell culture, which is the process of growing cells in a controlled environment. The dish is usually flat, round and sterile, with a lid to control the environment within. It is commonly used for culturing cells, testing drugs, and conducting various scientific experiments. Cell culture dish provides a sterile and enclosed environment to ensure the safety of the cells and the accuracy of the experiment. With the help of cell culture dish, the culture of eukaryotic cells, such as human cells, can be easily achieved in the laboratory.

Parameter of Cell Culture Dish

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
CL-D035Cell Culture Dish, 35mm, PS, TC treated20pcs/pack, 25packs/case24*24*29cm0.01672.28
CL-D060Cell Culture Dish, 60mm, PS, TC treated20pcs/pack, 25packs/case34*33*33cm0.03714.58
CL-D100Cell Culture Dish, 100mm, PS, external grip, TC treated10pcs/pack, 30packs/case61*51*25cm0.07788.53
CL-D03535*10mm,PS,sterile20/bag, 25bags/case560*356*300mm0.03849.8kg
CL-DT03535*10mm,PS,TC treated, sterile20/bag, 25bags/case560*356*300mm0.03849.8kg
CL-D06060*15mm,PS,sterile10/bag, 50bags/case630*355*205mm0.04585.5kg
CL-DT06060*15mm,PS,TC treated, sterile10/bag, 50bags/case630*355*205mm0.04585.5kg
CL-D100100*20mm,PS,sterile10/bag, 30bags/case530*330*510mm0.08928.6kg
CL-DT100100*20mm,PS,TC treated, sterile10/bag, 30bags/case530*330*510mm0.08928.6kg
CL-D150150*20mm,PS,sterile5/bag, 20bags/case775*315*250mm0.06107.16kg
CL-DT150150*20mm,PS,TC treated, sterile5/bag, 20bags/case775*315*250mm0.06107.16kg

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Cell Culture Dish FAQs

How to remove cells from a cell culture dish?

Cells can be removed from a cell culture dish by using a cell scraper, a cell lifter, or a cell scraper with a vacuum pump.

How to ensure my cell culture dishes are not contaminated?

To help prevent contamination, cell culture dishes should be handled with sterile gloves, stored in a sterile environment, and sterilized prior to use.

What is the difference between a flat-bottom and a cell-growth surface dish?

Flat-bottom cell culture dishes are typically used for cell culture assays and allow for the visualization of individual cells. Cell-growth surface dishes are used for culturing cells and are designed to encourage cell growth and differentiation.

How long can I store cells in a cell culture dish?

Cells can typically be stored in a cell culture dish for up to two weeks. However, it is important to monitor the cells closely during this time to ensure they are not becoming contaminated.

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