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PakGent Deep Well I-plate

The Deep Well I-plate is intended to offer a safe environment for processing and storing samples. Our high-quality I-plates have a high chemical stability and are made of medical-grade polypropylene (PP). For further safety, sterile alternatives are available. These plates are made to be used in a variety of processes, such as cell culture and PCR. With our patented snap-in design for quick assembly and a wide temperature range for various sample processing, Deep Well I-plates are made for optimum convenience.

Parameter of Deep Well I-plate

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/Case
DWPS20U2.0ml deep well plate, square well U bottom5pcs/bag, 10bags/case55.4*43.5*48.5cm

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Benefits of Using Deep Well I-plates for Sample Processing and Storage

1. Improved sample handling: Deep well I-plates offer greater sample volume than traditional 96 well plates, allowing for larger sample sizes, thereby increasing throughput and enabling greater flexibility in assays.

2. Increased sample integrity: The deeper wells and larger sample size of deep well I-plates provide increased protection against sample loss or contamination, resulting in better sample preservation.

3. Increased storage capacity: Deep well I-plates offer superior storage capacity compared to traditional 96 well plates, allowing for the storage of larger sample volumes in a single plate.

4. Improved temperature control: The deeper well design of deep well I-plates enables better temperature regulation, minimizing sample degradation due to temperature changes. 

5. Enhanced workflow: By streamlining sample processing and storage, deep well I-plates enable more efficient workflows and greater productivity.

Applications of Deep Well I-plates

Deep Well I-plates, available from trusted deep well plate manufacturers and suppliers, are versatile tools with various applications in the life sciences and beyond:

1. Sample Storage: Deep Well I-plates efficiently store biological samples, reagents, and compounds due to their larger well volume.

2. Assay Preparation: These plates facilitate accurate assay setup for PCR, ELISA, and drug screening assays.

3. Cell Culture: Deep Well I-plates provide an ideal environment for cell culture, including cell expansion and cell-based assays.

4. High-Throughput Screening: Compatible with automated liquid handling systems, they enable efficient high-throughput screening.

5. DNA Extraction and Purification: Deep Well I-plates simplify DNA isolation from various samples, accommodating the necessary reagents.

6. Protein Analysis and Purification: They support protein expression, purification, and interaction studies due to their larger volume capacity.

7. Liquid Handling and Mixing: Deep Well I-plates are durable tools suitable for efficient liquid handling and sample mixing.

8. Chemical and Compound Storage: They offer reliable storage and organization for a variety of chemicals and compounds.

Tips for Maximizing Efficiency with Deep Well I-plates

1. Properly seal the plates with compatible options like adhesive film or cap mats to prevent cross-contamination and evaporation.

2. Use clear and readable labels to easily identify and track samples in the Deep Well I-plates.

3. Optimize liquid handling techniques, whether using automated systems or manual pipetting, to ensure accurate and precise dispensing.

4. Store Deep Well I-plates in a controlled environment, following recommended guidelines from the deep well plate factory, to maintain sample stability.

5. Plan and organize your workflow to streamline sample processing steps and minimize errors.

6. Ensure compatibility and proper calibration of equipment used with Deep Well I-plates, such as shakers or centrifuges.

Product Certification

medical devices quality management systems certificate
cmc medical devices drugs sino cmc ce
production and sale of plastic consumables for in vitro diagnostic use posi certificate
production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use posi certificate
quality management system certification for production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use
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