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PakGent SPTS02 2ml Serological Pipette

PS, Individual Packing, sterile.

Parameter of SPTS02

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
SPTS022ml Serological Pipette, PS, Individual Packing, sterile50pcs/bag, 20bags/case37*24*33cm0.02936.5

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2ml Serological Pipette Working Principles

Aspiration: The user attaches a pipette filler to the top of the sterile 2ml serological pipette and creates a vacuum by squeezing the bulb or pressing the button. 

Dispensing: The user positions the electronic serological pipette over the target container or vessel and gently presses the bulb or button to control the flow of liquid. 

Release: Once the desired volume is dispensed, the user releases the pressure on the bulb or button, stopping the flow of liquid. 

Electronic 2ml Serological Pipette Types

There are various types of 2ml electronic serological pipettes available, each designed for specific applications and situations.

Open-End Pipette: Open-end pipettes are standard serological pipettes with an open, round-ended tip. These sterile electronic serological pipettes are commonly used for general liquid transfer and measurement in laboratory settings.

Aspirating Pipettes: These individual packing electronic serological pipettes are ideal for transferring small volumes of liquids, including samples, solutions, or chemicals.