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PakGent PCRS-20F 0.2ml 8 Tube PCR Strips

0.2ml clear tubes, with flat clear cap.

Parameter of PCRS-20F

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
PCRS-20F0.2ml clear 8-Strip qPCR Tubes, with flat clear cap125pcs/unit, 10units/case47*30*15cm0.02123.5

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Strip Tube PCR Characteristics

0.2 ml 8-tube PCR strips refer to a type of PCR tube arrangement commonly used in molecular biology and genetic research. The strip PCR tubes are arranged in a strip format, with eight individual tubes connected in a row. This volume is suitable for small-scale PCR reactions, including amplification of DNA fragments, or gene expression analysis. These 0.2ml PCR strips tubes are compatible with standard thermal cyclers and PCR machines.

8 Tube PCR Strips Application

These 0.2 ml 8-tube PCR strips for sale can be used for a variety of applications, including routine PCR, quantitative PCR (qPCR), and other molecular biology techniques. Therefore, 0.2 ml 8-tube PCR strips with flat clear cap find wide application in molecular biology laboratories for various DNA amplification techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The design of pcr tubes strips hold multiple individual PCR tubes in a single strip format, providing convenience and efficiency.