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PakGent Erlenmeyer Flask

Parameter of Erlenmeyer Flask

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
EFC-125P125ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFC-250P250mI, PC, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFC-500P500ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFC-1000P1000ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg
EFC-125V125ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFC-250V250mI, PC, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFC-500V500ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFC-1000V1000ml, PC, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg
EFG-125P125ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFG-250P250mI, PETG, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFG-500P500ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFG-1000P1000ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Plug Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg
EFG-125V125ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFG-250V250mI, PETG, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFG-500V500ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFG-1000V1000ml, PETG, Flat Bottom, Vent Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg
EFBC-125P125ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Plug Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFBC-250P250mI, PC, Baffled Bottom, Plug Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFBC-500P500ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Plug Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFBC-1000P1000ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Plug Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg
EFBC-125V125ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Vent Cap24/case465*315*150mm0.02201.95kg
EFBC-250V250mI, PC, Baffled Bottom, Vent Cap12/case380*290*155mm0.01711.35kg
EFBC-500V500ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Vent Cap12/case455*345*200mm0.03142.22kg
EFBC-1000V1000ml, PC, Baffled Bottom, Vent Cap6/case415*275*230mm0.02621.51kg

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Product Certification

medical devices quality management systems certificate
cmc medical devices drugs sino cmc ce
production and sale of plastic consumables for in vitro diagnostic use posi certificate
production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use posi certificate
quality management system certification for production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use
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