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PakGent CL-D060 6cm Cell Culture Dish

60mm, PS, external grip, TC treated.

Parameter of CL-D060

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
CL-D060Cell Culture Dish, 60mm, PS, TC treated20pcs/pack, 25packs/case34*33*33cm0.03714.58

CL-D060 6cm Cell Culture Dish FAQs

What are the benefits of TC-treated dish?

The TC-treated surface of the dish promotes better cell attachment, leading to improved experimental results such as higher cell viability, proliferation rates, and enhanced cell culture performance.

Can the CL-D060 dish be used for specific applications?

Yes, the CL-D060 dish is suitable for a wide range of cell culture applications including drug discovery, stem cell research, and tissue engineering.

Can the CL-D060 dish accommodate a certain number of cells?

The 6 cm culture dish has an optimal growth area and capacity, allowing it to accommodate a specific number of cells for effective cell culture experiments.

What is the purpose of the external grip feature?

The external grip feature of the 6 cm cell culture dish allows for easy handling and reduces the risk of dropping or contaminating the cell culture.