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PakGent NMPB250A Amber Plastic Medicine Bottles

250ml packaging bottle, amber.

The Pakgent NMPB250A Amber Plastic Medicine Bottles are essential packaging solutions designed for pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. With a capacity of 250ml, these amber plastic bottles provide secure storage for medications, syrups, and other liquid formulations, safeguarding their potency from light degradation. The amber coloration offers additional protection against UV light exposure, preserving the integrity of sensitive contents. These amber plastic medicine bottles are crafted with durable plastic materials, ensuring reliable containment and ease of handling. Ideal for pharmacies, hospitals, and laboratories, the Pakgent NMPB250A amber plastic medicine bottles ensure the safe and efficient storage of medicinal products.

Parameter of PakGent NMPB250A Amber Plastic Medicine Bottles

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
NMPB250Anarrow mouth, 250ml packaging bottle, amber (8)250/case670*510*4700.16012

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Amber plastic medicine bottles for Child Resistant Push

Amber plastic medicine bottles with child-resistant push caps offer a blend of safety and convenience. Their amber hue shields medication from harmful UV light, preserving potency and effectiveness. The child-resistant push cap mechanism ensures that young children cannot easily access the contents, providing peace of mind to caregivers. These bottles are designed with durability in mind, featuring sturdy construction to withstand daily use and transportation. Their compact size makes them ideal for storing various types of medication, from liquid suspensions to pills. With clear labeling options, they facilitate easy identification of contents, dosage, and expiration dates. The convenience of the push cap allows for effortless, one-handed opening by adults, enhancing accessibility without compromising safety. Amber plastic medicine bottles with child-resistant push caps are an essential component of responsible medication storage and administration, prioritizing both safety and usability.

Can NMPB250A Amber Plastic Medicine Bottles Be Recycled?

Yes, NMPB250A Amber Plastic Medicine Bottles can usually be recycled. However, it's crucial to verify with local recycling facilities or guidelines to ensure they accept this specific type of plastic. Typically, recycling programs accept plastic containers marked with a recycling symbol, like the one found on these bottles. Before recycling, it's important to remove any labels, caps, or residual medication. By following proper recycling practices, these bottles can contribute to environmental sustainability and reduce waste.