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PakGent 200ul Standard Universal Pipette Tips

Parameter of 200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
UFPT-F-201 to 20 ul, filter tips, DNase/RNase free, sterile, rack pack, yellow (51mm)96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.5
UFPT-F-20B1 to 20 ul, filter tips, DNase/RNase free, bulk pack, yellow (51mm)1000pcs/bag, 20bags/case59*47*27cm0.07497.5
UFPT-200R1 to 200 ul, universal fit tips, DNase/RNase free, rack pack, sterile, yellow, 51mm96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.8
UFPT-200B1 to 200 ul, universal fit tips, DNase/RNase free, bulk pack, yellow, 51mm1000pcs/bag, 20bags/case59*47*27cm0.07497.5
UFPT-REF-2001 to 200 ul, universal fit tips, DNase/RNase free, sterile, refill pack, yellow, 51mm96pcs/rack, 12racks/unit, 10units/case50*38*28cm0.05328

Advantages of Using 200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips

These universal pipette tips are very beneficial for applications that call for bigger sample volumes due to their enhanced volume capacity of 200uL. The tips reduce the possibility of sample waste by preventing sample leakage. They are made with exact measurements and accurate delivery of necessary liquid amounts in mind. The tips are adaptable and practical for use in a variety of applications and lab setups since they are universally compatible with the majority of pipette brands.

Due to the ease of disposal, these pipette tips lessen the danger of cross-contamination. They are made with high-grade, contamination-free materials that can survive autoclaving and guarantee a high degree of quality assurance.  The tips are manufactured to uniform specifications in terms of shape, size, and quality, providing reliable and consistent delivery of the needed volumes for bulk analysis or large batch samples.

Overall, From PakGent pipette tips manufacturerthese universal pipette tips offer an affordable and reliable solution that adds value to various scientific disciplines.

Applications for 200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips: Versatility in Laboratory Tasks

1. Sample preparation: Whether it's diluting samples, transferring reagents, or preparing assay plates, our 200uL tips provide reliable and consistent liquid transfer, ensuring accurate experimental results.

2. Molecular biology techniques: From DNA/RNA amplification using PCR to DNA purification and quantification, our pipette tips ensure precise transfer of small volumes, reducing the risk of contamination and enhancing workflow efficiency.

3. Cell culture: In cell culture workflows, precise and aseptic liquid handling is crucial. Our 200uL pipette tips allow for accurate placement of media, solutions, and reagents, facilitating cell growth, maintenance, and experimentation.

4. ELISA and immunoassays: These 200ul filtered pipette tips are suitable for handling small volumes of samples and reagents during ELISA and other immunoassay techniques. Their narrow conical shape provides easy access to microplates and wells, ensuring accurate dispensing.

5. Drug discovery and high-throughput screening: In drug discovery and high-throughput screening workflows, our 200uL pipette tips enable efficient and precise dispensing of compounds and reagents into multi-well plates, accelerating the screening process.

6. Proteomics and genomics: For protein and genomic research, our 200ul filtered pipette tips facilitate accurate liquid transfers during various techniques such as Western blotting, gel loading, DNA sequencing, and plasmid preparation.

200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips FAQs

What is the shape of these tips?

These tips have a narrow conical shape, allowing for easy access to narrow vessels and precise pipetting. The narrow shape also aids in reducing the risk of cross-contamination between samples.

Do these tips offer good visibility of the liquid?

Yes, the clear design of our 200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips allows for excellent visibility of the liquid. This helps in accurate pipetting, especially when dealing with small volumes and colored solutions.

Can I use these tips with different types of pipettes?

Yes, our 200uL Standard Universal Pipette Tips are designed to be compatible with a wide variety of pipettes, including single-channel, multi-channel, and adjustable volume pipettes. You can use these tips with confidence, regardless of the pipette type you are using.

Can these tips be autoclaved for sterilization?

Yes, these tips are autoclavable, providing convenient sterilization methods. Autoclaving helps ensure the elimination of contaminants, maintaining the integrity of your samples and experiments.

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