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PakGent 20ul Fit LTS Tips

These 20ul Fit LTS Tips provide precision and accuracy for your liquid handling. Their long, flexible tip allows for easy access in hard-to-reach areas, while their low-retention surface prevents sample loss. The tips are made of high-quality plastic and can be autoclaved for easy cleaning and reuse.

Parameter of 20ul Fit LTS Tips

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
RT20R20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.1
RT20R-L20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, low retention96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.1
RT20RF20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, with filter, sterile96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.3
RT20RF-L20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, with filter, low retention96pcs/rack, 50racks/case48*36*28cm0.04846.3


20ul Rainin LTS tip, bulk,1000pcs/bag, 40bags/case47*35*27cm0.04455.2
RT20B-L20ul Rainin LTS tip, bulk, low retention1000pcs/bag, 40bags/case47*35*27cm0.04455.2
RT20BF20ul Rainin LTS tip, with filter, Bulk pack1000pcs/bag, 40bags/case47*35*27cm0.04455.9
RT20BF-L20ul Rainin LTS tip, with filter, Bulk pack, low retention1000pcs/bag, 40bags/case47*35*27cm0.04455.9
RT20-REF20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, refill pack96pcs/rack, 10racks/unit, 10units/case45*31*27cm0.03777.1
RT20-REF-L20ul Rainin LTS tip, rack, sterile, low retention, refill pack96pcs/rack, 10racks/unit, 10units/case45*31*27cm0.03777.1

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20ul Fit LTS tips FAQs

Are These Pipette Tips Sterile?

It depends on the brand and product specifications. Some pipette tips may come pre-sterilized, while others may require sterilization before use. Always check the product packaging or manufacturer's instructions for more information.

What Is the Volume Capacity of 20ul Fit LTS Tips?

20ul Fit LTS tips are designed to hold up to 20 microliters of liquid.

What Does

"Fit LTS" refers to the compatibility with pipettes that have a Long Reach, Low Total System (LTS) design. LTS pipettes have a longer piston stroke, providing a smoother and more accurate dispensing experience.

Are These Pipette Tips Compatible with All Types of Pipettes?

No, these pipette tips are designed specifically for use with pipettes that have an LTS design. Always check the tip compatibility with your specific pipette model before purchasing.

Video of 20ul Fit LTS Tips

Video of 20ul Fit LTS Tips

Tips for improving accuracy and precision during liquid handling

To improve accuracy and precision during liquid handling, it is important to use proper technique of the 20ul pipette tips, calibrate the pipette regularly, select the appropriate tip size, pre-wet the tip, maintain a consistent depth, avoid cross-contamination, minimize tip contact with walls or vessels, slow down when dispensing, eliminate air bubbles, and practice good pipette maintenance. Following these tips will help ensure accurate and reliable results in your liquid handling processes.

How to select the right size and type of pipette tip for specific applications

Selecting the right size and type of 20ul pipette tips for specific applications involves considering factors such as volume range, compatibility with the pipette model, sample type, tip design, sterility requirements, compliance with industry standards, and packaging options. By taking these factors into account, one can ensure accurate and reliable liquid handling.

Product Certification

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quality management system certification for production and sales of plastic consumables for laboratory use
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