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Raw Material Selection

Cell therapy-grade raw materials produced in accordance with theCGMP quality management specifications, which meet the requirements of USP Class VI.

Purity Control

  • ISO Class C production environment.

  • Innovative human-machine physical isolation layout to control exogenous contaminants.

  • Fully automated production line design using top-notch international components to ensure the stability and reproducibility of the production line. Meanwhile, achieving fully contactless product handling throughout the entire process.

  • In-house BSL-2 biosafety laboratory, regularly testing the production environment and performing data analysis for maximum control over the bio-purity of the production.

Contamination Control

Breakthrough configuration, key station visual and functional automatic detection, achieving 100% online testing of products to ensure product quality.

Quality Control

  • Free of RNase/DNase, human DNA, ATP, and thermal origin.

  • ISO 13485:2016 quality control system.

  • Irradiation sterilization, sterile level of SAL10-6

  • Purely physical processing method, ensuring the biological safety of the product.

  • Registered as an in vitro diagnostic consumable abroad.

Star Products


Product Advantages:

  • Larger capacity, yet comparable accuracy to micro-volume pipette tips.

  • The use of large-volume pipette tips effectively reduces or eliminates the need for fragile glass and serum pipettes.

  • Compatible with Thermo, Eppendorf, Brand, Biohit, DLAB, and other pipette brands.




Midplate with safety and stability design

Ultra-clean bottom box with diamond bottom, enhancing visual effect

Smooth and seamless connections

Innovative vacuum-formed box design, effectively avoiding contamination


Better accuracy and 85% reduction in force

The LTS pipetting system allows users to achieve reliable and consistent pipette tip sealing without exerting excessive force. The LTS thin-walled tips of  LTS filter tips have a well-designed smaller contact area and a front stop point design. The front stop point design allows you to confirm the exact position of the seal, eliminating the need for deep insertion or excessive force.

PakGent Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Providing World-Class Laboratory Plastic Consumables Solutions for Global Customers

Since its establishment, PakGent Bioscience (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the research, development, production, and sales of laboratory plastic consumables. Its main products include molecular biology consumables, cell culture consumables, and microbiology consumables. The company has a top-tier supply chain of USPVI raw materials/equipment, collaborating with internationally renowned companies and laboratories such as Cornell University laboratory to stay at the forefront of research and market trends. With key core technologies, advanced production processes, excellent technical performance, product quality, and efficient service in the field of biological laboratory consumables, the company has successfully entered the global supply chain system of renowned laboratory plastic consumables providers.

GMP Standard Certification Management

CE Certification

FDA Certification

ISOC&D Grade Cleanroom

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 13485 Certification