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PakGent PT-5000B-T Thermo Scientific Art Tips

Thermo pipette, clear, bulk pack.

PakGent PT-5000B-T Thermo Scientific Art Tips offer precision and reliability for laboratory pipetting tasks. These art tips thermo are designed to fit Thermo Scientific pipettes seamlessly, ensuring a tight seal and accurate sample delivery. With their high-quality materials and precise manufacturing, PakGent Art Tips minimize the risk of contamination and ensure reproducible results. Whether you're performing delicate molecular biology experiments or routine laboratory tasks, PakGent PT-5000B-T Art Tips provide the performance and consistency you need. Trust PakGent art tips thermo for your pipetting needs and experience the difference in quality and reliability.

Parameter of PakGent PT-5000B-T Thermo Scientific Art Tips

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
PT-5000B-TFit 5ml Thermo pipette, clear, bulk pack100pcs/bag, 20bags/case47*38*27cm0.048211.9

PakGent 5ml filter tips can be manufactured according to your specific projects.

PakGent PT-5000B-T Thermo Scientific Art Tips with RNase DNase and other Pollutants

PakGent PT-5000B-T Thermo Scientific Art Tips are meticulously engineered to be free from RNase, DNase, and other pollutants, ensuring the integrity of your laboratory samples. These tips undergo rigorous quality control measures to guarantee their purity and performance. With PakGent Art Tips, researchers can confidently handle sensitive biological samples without the risk of contamination, safeguarding the accuracy and reliability of their experiments. Whether you're conducting PCR, qPCR, sequencing, or other molecular biology applications, PakGent PT-5000B-T Art Tips provide peace of mind, knowing that your samples remain uncontaminated. Invest in PakGent for high-quality laboratory consumables and elevate the standards of your research. Trust PakGent PT-5000B-T Art Tips for dependable performance and pristine sample handling in your laboratory workflows, ensuring consistent and reproducible results every time.