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PakGent UFPT-1000R-L Low Retention 1000ul Multichannel Pipette

Fit tips, DNase/RNase free, sterile, rack pack(78mm)

PakGent UFPT-1000R-L Low Retention 1000ul Multichannel Pipette Fit Tips offer superior performance for precise liquid handling tasks. These tips are designed to fit multichannel pipettes seamlessly, ensuring a secure and reliable seal. Featuring low retention technology, they minimize sample loss and ensure accurate volume delivery. DNase/RNase free and sterile, these tips maintain sample integrity, making them ideal for sensitive molecular biology applications. Packaged in rack packs for convenient storage and handling, each tip measures 78mm in length. Trust PakGent UFPT-1000R-L Fit Tips for consistent and reproducible results in your laboratory workflows, whether you're performing PCR, qPCR, or other high-throughput applications.

Parameter of UFPT-1000R-L Low Retention 1000ul Multichannel Pipette

Part No.DescriptionPackageSize/CaseCBM/CaseGW/Case (kg)
UFPT-1000R-L100 to 1,000 ul low retention universal fit tips, DNase/RNase free, sterile, rack pack, 80mm96pcs/rack, 50racks/case54*52*32cm0.089910.2

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What types of experiments or applications are 1000ul multichannel pipettes best suited for?

1000ul multichannel pipettes are well-suited for a variety of experiments and applications that require precise and efficient liquid handling in high-throughput settings. One common use is in ELISA assays, where multiple samples need to be dispensed into microplates with speed and accuracy. These pipettes excel in transferring reagents, samples, and controls in ELISA workflows, ensuring uniformity and consistency across wells.

In cell culture experiments, especially when seeding cells into multi-well plates or T-flasks, multichannel pipettes streamline the process, allowing for rapid and precise dispensing of media and cell suspensions.

For plate filling tasks such as aliquoting samples or adding buffers to microplates, 1000ul multichannel pipettes offer efficiency and reliability. Their ability to simultaneously dispense large volumes across multiple wells saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

1000ul multichannel pipettes are indispensable tools for laboratories conducting high-throughput assays, screenings, and experiments requiring accurate liquid handling in microplate-based formats.

Do 1000ul multichannel pipettes require specific types of pipette tips, and are there any compatibility concerns?

Yes, 1000ul multichannel pipettes typically require specific types of pipette tips designed to fit their unique configuration and dimensions. These pipette tips are often longer and narrower compared to single-channel pipette tips to accommodate the closely spaced channels of the multichannel pipette. It's crucial to use tips that are compatible with the particular model of multichannel pipette being used to ensure proper fit and optimal performance.

Compatibility concerns may arise if using incorrect or incompatible pipette tips, leading to issues such as leaking, inaccurate volume delivery, or difficulty in attachment. Therefore, it's essential to verify that the pipette tips are specifically designed for use with the specific brand and model of multichannel pipette being utilized. Additionally, some manufacturers may offer their own branded tips designed for optimal compatibility and performance with their multichannel pipettes. Always refer to the manufacturer's recommendations and instructions to ensure proper tip selection and usage.